The simplest mobile app for
creating and minting NFTs

  • User friendly tools
  • Blockchain security
  • Seamless market integration

NFT Networks

  • Binance
  • Polygon

All-in-one, user-friendly app for easy generating and minting NFTs

  • 1

    Create or upload your image

  • 2

    Select blockchain network

  • 3

    Fill in the NFT and collection data

  • 4


  • Easy to use
  • No need for coding skills
  • Without ads and watermarks
  • Swift execution of your creative ideas

Simple Coins

  • Buy Simple Coins inside of the app
  • Generate images with power of AI
  • Modify your artwork with an AI
  • Publish NFT on the Polygon
  • Publish NFT on the Binance Smart Chain
  • More features incoming

Use AI functionalities

Perfect for creating awesome images


dark coin /  


AI functionalities give you all the tools for creating and editing images. With the AI assistance, it brings you endless possibilities for artistic expression.

  • Generate images with power of AI
  • Modify your artwork with an AI

Mint NFT on Polygon

Efficient and cost-effective


dark coin /  


Mint your NFTs on the Polygon network, known for low fees and rapid transactions. Ideal for creators looking for speed and affordability in one seamless experience.

  • Publish NFTs on the Polygon / MATIC

Mint NFT on BNB

Fast, low-cost, reliable


dark coin /  


Use Binance Smart Chain for your NFTs, featuring high throughput and minimal costs. Perfect for users who value efficiency and economic minting.

  • Publish NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain

Easily monetize your art

You create — the app does the rest.

Install the Simple NFT Creator mobile app now.

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